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Top 5 bad habits that kills you slowly

Top 5 bad habits that kills you slowly

Do you have these hobbies? It is not too late to get rid of them. Below are 5 things you should stop doing right now to live healthy life (or top 5 bad habits that kills you slowly)

Bad habit 1: Smoking

Smoking is highly addictive. DO NOT START. As per a survey smoking kills more than 13000 people every day (Reference:

Smoking kills

It is not late yet. Kill the cigerette if not it kills you.

Bad habit 2: Drinking too much coffee

Drinking too much coffee is harmful to your body. Research indicates that ingesting too much caffeine (400-600 mgs or five or more cups of coffee) can cause anything from restlessness to muscle tremors. Read this to understand how much coffee is too much.

Drinking too much coffee is not good for health

It is not late yet. Stop drinking too much coffee

Bad habit 3: Mobile/Cell phone addiction

The first official mobile phone used in Sweden by the Swedish police in 1946. 1983 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X made commercially available.

No doubt, cell phones revolutionized the way of communication. However, too much usage of mobile phone will lead to Sleep disturbances, accidents, eye sight, increases stress levels.. etc. Take a look at Health Issues published by FDA. This device brings you closer to person far from you. But it takes you away from the one sitting side to you.

Too much mobile usage is dangerous

It is not late yet. Stop or reduce the mobile/cell phone usage.

Bad habit 4: Alcohol

Many researches tells that drinking alcohol leads to possible diseases related to liver,  brain and heart. Researches also shows that drinking moderate alcohol is good for health but not risk free. Take a look at alcohol statistics and trends & effects.

Alcohol kills

It is not late yet. Quit alcohol before it kills you.

Bad habit 5: Fast food

Most of the people likes eating fast food. Fast food restaurants are famous across the world as it tastes good and it costs less money. But it is dangerous to health as it is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, unhealthy fats and sodium. These foods are almost always high in calories with less amount of nutrition. Eating more fast food will lead to elevated blood pressure which is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

In my opinion “fast food is a fat food”.

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It is not late yet. Stop eating FAsT food.


Try to quit these hobbies as early as possible to live your life happily with your loved ones 🙂