Artificial Intelligence – Does it replace your job?

I believe many of you guys are hearing about Artificial Intelligence. It is going to be the most important thing in all our lives. According to Kai-Fu Lee (founder of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures and a top voice on tech in China. He previously headed Google China before founding his venture capital firm) 50% of jobs will be replaced by robots. This statement makes me think “does it replace my job?”. I am sure many of you going to think the same “does it replace your job?”. The practical answer is “YES. It gonna replace many jobs but not all”.

Following are the top 5 jobs that can be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

1. Drivers:

Why: Waymo is already invented a driver less car and it is on road this year. It’s only a matter of time to reach it to every one. Steve Mahan, who is legally blind, was the first non-Google employee to ride alone in the company’s gumdrop-shaped autonomous car in October 2015 in Austin.


Also take a look at the journey of Waymo who is building safe driver less car for everyone.

2. Telemarketers

Why: You might already receiving automated (or machine) calls from different companies about their products and services. This is going to be increased in the future.

3. Couriers

Why: Couriers and delivery people are already being replaced by robots and drones. In July 2016, Amazon announced its partnership with the UK government in making small parcel delivery via drones. so it’s only a matter of time until this space is dominated by artificial engineering.



4. Accountants

Why: There are already few solutions available in the market like SMACC which uses Artificial Intelligence to automate accounting – save time on book keeping, get accurate numbers and payments. Whatever you see in the following video will be done by automation within seconds.

5. Receptionists

Why: Robots are slowly started entering into this space. Connie the robot, is able to greet guests upon arrival and answer questions about hotel amenities, services and hours of operation. It is using Watson’s application program interface to suggest local attractions.

Also, take a look at Singapore’s android receptionist “Nadine”

Who knows the heights of Artificial Intelligence? Next 10 years will answer this question.



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