544 Robots will protect Indian border in the future

As per Hindustan Times, Indian defense ministry has approved army proposal of deploying 544 robots. Only Indian vendors are eligible for the project as per the ‘Make’ category of acquisition in the Defence Procurement Procedure 2016.


These days terror has expanded from forests to rural areas; rural areas to urban sectors which is making Indian army to deploy robotic systems in the force to protect the border.

Following are some of advantages and disadvantages of having Robotic Army.

Some advantages of having robots into the Army:

Border surveillance

Delivering arms and ammunition

Robots can bare the damage happens with bombing

Robots can get into a place where a human can not

Robots have no mercy and no emotions (Meaning: they can’t be scared or hesitate to kill any one)

They don’t get any pressure under any circumstances

Robots rescues wounded on bottle field

Use for often life saving: Unlike human life, Robots are easily replaceable by a cost.

Some disadvantages of having robots into the Army:

Robot army can be hacked by the enemy

Robot can turn against you if is malfunctioned

Robot can kill civilians as well as it can not differentiate between civilian and enemy

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